Buddha Insanity While People Dying

While the USA was busy bombing Afghanistan, president Bush Jr. was simultaneously assuring the American people that we were helping the Afghan people with humanitarian aid (dropping food and supplies from the air). Unfortunately, as soon as the Taliban was removed from power, the Afghan people were abandoned and left at the mercy of tyrants and rapists. The Northern Alliance has a history as bad as the Taliban. There was not enough food. Many are starving and children there suffer from diseases which are easily curable. One out of four children die before reaching age five. Though The White House puts up a front that it cares by trying to appeal to the American people to donate more money, why are the FEDs so intrigued with rebuilding Iraq but not Afghanistan? Why $87,000,000,000 for Iraq, but peanuts for Afghanistan? What's going on here?

It's bad enough that the US government is wasting unbelievable amounts of money on nonsense (like the $600,000 spent to study the sex-habits of squirrels). Now you've got idiots who want to spend $60,000,000 to erect two humongous Buddha statues in Afghanistan (174 and 125 feet tall). Here's the article below. Has the world gone nuts?