Eastern Cults

Transcendental Meditation

Founder: Guru Maharishi Mahest Yogi, born in 1911, as Mahesh Brasad Warma, at Jabalpur, India. Started TM in 1965 at Los Angeles (USA), and his actual headquarters are in the luxurious old Hotel Sonnenberg, at Seelisberg, Switzerland.

TM claims 2 million people, in 140 countries; with one million it the USA, and 8,000 people in each one of the other 139 countries?... it does not make much sense!...

It is a "religion"... and "big business":
TM is a "religion" based on the Hindu "Raja Yoga" (pag.82), to obtain the Buddhist "enlightenment (pag.109), here called "cosmic consciousness", "complete god consciousness" and "unity consciousness", in the different "stages".
- The Vedas and the Gita are "indispensable".
- It is a full-life project: You will spend on it all your life and money... with the assurance that, at the end, you will be liberated from reincarnation.

The Maharishi ("Great Sage"),

Became millionaire in the 70s, with the help of the Beatles, making $20 million a year; founded the Maharishi International University in Fairfield (Iowa, USA), he uses 2 Rolls Royces and a personal Helicopter; recently he has bought a 1,000-acre former Air base in Suffolk, New York to be turned into a Natural Law University. In 1993 he announced the plans to create a $879 million amusement park in Niagara Falls and a dozen universities in Canada, one in each province.
-The ultimate goal of the Yogi is to lead eventually all humanity to Unity Consciousness... and "there will not be a place for the unfit in the "age of Enlightenment", says the Maharishi.

The Method:
The idea of TM is to transcend the conscience through 7 levels of consciousness, each one obtained by attending an expensive course.
-The essence of the "method" is the Raja Yoga to obtain the Buddhist "enlightenment" (pags. 82 and 109):

To suppress your "mind", "body" and "character", using "mantras" on a sitting position, for long hours, until your mind gives up and your body is numb, and all of it being humiliated by a guru... until the "crisis" comes... then, your "human mind" gives up, and you are left with your "animal mind", without worries about yesterday or tomorrow... and after 73,500 minutes, and several thousands of dollars, you get the "crisis", the Buddhist "enlightenment"; the ultimate "unity consciousness", in MT.

The "Mantra":
Just to receive the "mantra" costs money, and it is so individual that it can not be told not even to the wife, she has to pay for her mantra!... they have 16 mantras, and all of them are the name of a Hindu-god, in sanskrit, of whom the student knows nothing... the student has to repeat the same name thousands of times... and for 40 minutes every day for life after his initiation... and read the Gita daily.
- Please, get out of TM, come to "Jesus"... that's a good mantra, and is the real God!... and costs you nothing!

The success:
TM had great success in the 70s with the enrollment of the Beatles, Mia Farrow, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys... but later the Beatles left MT, concluding, "we were wrong", with John accusing the Maharishi of being a "lecherous womanizer"... and the Maharishi headed home to India, saying "I know I have failed, my mission is over".

- But his mission was not over... he came back very soon to the West dropping the religious terminology in favor of psychological and scientific language: So, the "Spiritual Regeneration Movement" became the "International Meditation Society", the "Science of Creative Regeneration Movement", the "World Plan Executive Council", the "Student International Meditation Society", "American Foundation for Creative Intelligence", "American Meditation Society"...

The Propaganda...
"To fly" like Peter Pan:
-The propaganda pamphlets are incredible: They offer peace, health, success... to the individual, society, and the world... to end with crime, drugs, prisons and hospitals... TM claims that its leaders have 50% less cancer, 80% less heart decease, higher IQs, and provides potential cures for Aids and cancer.

... And all of this doing nothing... just repeating the mantra thousands of times!...

- The advanced "Shidhi Program" ("occult powers"), offers the ability to walk through walls like the Resurrected Jesus, become invisible and levitate... "to fly", just like Peter Pan!... but only about 6 inches from the floor... and even so, offers by the press of up to $10,000 to witness a meditator wing have gone unclaimed... and this "Shadhi" only can be taken after paying for the other 7 expensive courses...

TM claims it is not a religion:
Several Courts in the USA have ruled TM as a "religion"... and even the "Initiation" is idolatrous worship: The initiation song is devotional Hindu hymn. Then the instructor invokes the Hindu gods and presents 17 offers to the different Hindu gods, praise them and adores them... and after that he whispers the secret mantra the initiate...

Reason for the success of MT:

The main reason for the success of the MT is not the "anti-meditation" with the mantra... but the huge, well done propaganda, and the action of the "devil", the false god invoked thousands of times, who possesses the initiate, giving him all kinds of wicked deceptions and hallucinations.
- The Bible teaches that every "false god" is an "idol", a "devil" (Psalm 96:5)... and furthermore warns us about "the working of Satan, who uses all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved" (2Tes.2:9-10).

- Get out of TM... come to "Jesus", He is the real God... and He is in love you!... let yourself to be loved... He is waiting for you in the Eucharist every day! (Jn.6:53, Matt.6:11).
- Jesus died in the Cross to clean all your sins, all your bad Karma... and "resurrected" to give you a new life on earth full of peace, joy and love... and after living the glorious adventure of Christ on earth, you will go to eternal real Heaven, without any reincarnation...
- Believe in Jesus, right now... by doing the simple things He tells you to do... Baptize yourself in His only Church... receive him daily in the Eucharist,, because if you do not eat his flesh you have no life (Jn.6:53)... and live on earth with fear to nobody and to nothing, doing the glorious deeds of a child of God... the most glorious adventure of a person filled with the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ.
- "TM" is only a scheme to make money... based on the Hindu Raja Yoga to obtain the Buddhist Enlightenment...
- Get out of it while you can... or it will take all your life and money...
- Come to "Jesus", the best mantra... and He is really God... right now at your side.

Hare Krishna

International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)
Hare Krishna is the most distinguishable cult of the Seventies thanks to the obligatory shaved head and pigtails of male members, chanting and singing and dancing in the big Western cities with saffron robes to the music of cymbals, drums and harmoniums... and collecting money!... receiving donations for the Gita, and door-to door selling of their magazine "Back to the Godhead".
- They use the "pigtails" to be plucked up by Krishna when he rescues them at the time of the deliverance of the world... however, they use "wigs" for the many money-making schemes: charities, asking money for the poor, orphans, Vietnam widows, against drugs... working in big sports, pop concerts, selling car stickers and badges, without permission, of course!...
- But after 100 million Gitas distributed, plus 500,000 monthly periodicals of "Back to Godhead", the "innocence" of those flower-power days is gone... no more contributions now!... a famous contributor was the Beatle G. Harrison.
Founded in 1966,
By His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuda, born in Calcutta, India, as Abhay Charan De. He came to New York with $8 in his pocket, and 11 years later, in 1977, he died of heart failure, after setting up a multi-million-dollar business empire with 40 temples and 3,000 followers in the USA alone.
- Today, they claim a membership of 2 million, but the Center Roger Ikor of Paris puts it at 15,000 devotees worldwide.
- The headquarters are now at 3764 Watseka Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA.

The "Krishna Consciousness",
Consists in committing yourself totally for life to Krishna; to live in Krishna, and Krishna in you... something similar to Christianity!... until you reach a Heaven similar to Christianity, after many reincarnations...

The "devotees" are the most pitiful people... for 2 reasons:
1- The "god Krishna", to whom they commit their lives, never existed... he is only a hero-warrior of the "Gita", the 18th chapter of the "novel Mahabaratha", written in 100 AC. And their other "god Rama" never existed, he is only a hero of the "novel Ramayana"... but they never existed, and they do not exist right now... they are like Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes... never existed!... only in the minds of the novelists!.
- And on top of it, Krishna, in the novel, is a "erotic-god", with a favorite mistress named Radha, and 16,108 gopis ("women cowherds"), and the good "god-Krishna" fathered 10 children with each one of them over a period of 125 years!. This is the reason why the Krishnas ware a necklace-rosary with "108 beats", to chant the mantra "Hare Krishna" 108 times, and repeat it "16 times a day", with a total of 1,728 times per day.

- The "mantra" "Hare Krishna",
has also "16 words": "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare Hare; Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare": "Hare" means "the supreme energy of the Lord".

2- The second reason why the Krishna devotees are pitiful, is because they have a Spartan poor suffering life, with six hours of sleep daily, hard work and prayer, and very strict sexual life, while their teachers live in super-luxury, surrounded by many women, following the example of the 16,108 lovers Krishna had, and, in the name of Krishna, have done anything bad you can think of: Murder, drug-running, sexual abuse, theft, deception, extortion, suicide... you name it!.

Eleven Jurisdictions:
In 1977, at the death of Bhaktivedanta, the rich Krishna Empire divided into 11 independent Jurisdictions, with 11 Gurus:
In the USA:
Kirtanananda had a dream to create "America's Taj Mahal"; so he built a huge "Palace of Gold" in West Virginia, with 200 tons of marble, with the dome roof and outside walls coated with 22 carat gold leaf... all of it with money the devotes gave and made, with the traffic of drugs, charity schemes, asking money for the poor, orphans, widows...
-Chakradara was murdered because he opened a nursery and the money was not going to the guru... - and later, Kirtanananda himself as attacked by a disgruntled follower who sank a spike into his guru's skull; Kirtanananda survived, but walks with sticks since, and keeps 2 Alsatian dogs with him at all times, day and night...

In England:
The guru Jayatirtha was murdered by his disciple Tiernan because he was using LSD to obtain the ecstatic dances, and because he had a harem at home... Tiernan is in a mental hospital.

In Australia: The guru in charge was expelled for practicing homosexuality... but continues to act as a guru, and runs his empire in Mafia stile.
In Japan: The Guru Kripa, an American ex-Marine sergeant, developed more money-making-scams than anyone else. He taught his followers to pickpocket, rob jewelry stores... he was eventually jailed in Holland... but since 1981 he can be seen chanting in ISKCON temples in America.

The Life of a Krishna:
With all of this going on, still about 15,000 devotees try to obtain "Krishna Consciousness", using 3 methods:
...1- Obeying a Guru, who is like god for them.
...2- Live a very austere life: They sleep 6 hours on a hard floor, no alcohol, no meat, no fish, no conversation unrelated to Krishna. They give up all possessions. If anyone tries to talk with them out of Krishna, he is of Satan. Live in celibacy until marriage, and then they can have sex only after repeating the mantra for 5 hours.
...3- Chant the mantra for at least 5 hours daily, pray the Gita, receive indoctrination, and hard work!.

Theosophy, Theosophical Society

"Theo-sophy", means "divine wisdom"; and it is any system of thought concerned with the relationship between God and the creation, specially one intended to help man achieve direct experience of the divine.

The Theosophical Society was founded in New York in 1875 by the Ukraine born Madame Blavatsky and the American Col. Henry S. Olcott. Today they claim 25,000 members in 60 countries, with 6,000 in the USA... but its influence far transcends the boundaries of its own ranks, influencing the New Age Movement, the Rosacrucians, the Anthropological Society, the "I Am" Ascended Masters, New Thought...
- Headquarters: In Adyar, Madras, India.... In the USA: with many divisions, Box 270, Wheaton, IL; Box 1543, Fresno, CA 93716.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky:
Born Helen Hahn, married to the Czarist general Nikifor V. Blavatsky; her marriage lasted 3 months, and she gave birth to an illegitimate son. She was addicted to hashish, and claimed psychic powers of the occult, but she was declared a fraud in India and London. She died as a lonely, obese, and miserable sick women who was considered a fake and deserted by most of her followers.

The 3 Aims of the Society:

As stated by Madame Blavatsky in "Isis Unveiled" and "The Secret Doctrine", look noble to the outsiders:
1- To promote universal brotherhood and world peace, without distinction of race, creed, sex, case, color, or financial status.
2- The study of comparative religions, philosophy and science.
3- To make a systematic investigation of the mystic potencies of men and nature: Investigate the unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.

The Doctrine of the Society:

Is a mix of Hinduism, Buddhism, Spiritualism, and Gnostic Christianity, with Masonic rituals, and a systematic criticism of Christianity, Judaism and Islam... all based in the visions and revelations that Mme. Blavatsky had by the "mahatnas" of Tibet, and the Spiritualism she lived in the USA.
The "Mahatnas" are the "Great White Fraternity", among them, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus... and the theosophians try to get in contact with them by means of all kinds of occultism...
God is just "energy"; however, there are a plethora of Hindu gods, to whom you have to put altars at home... and, anyway, every man and woman are "God"... though they can not make stars nor atoms!... but through many reincarnations they will realize that they are "God".
- "Jesus Christ" was divine in the same way that you and I are divine; and eventually, every man and woman become Christ!...

The Bible and Koran:
Are god... but good for nothing!... The "hot Hell" is a distortion of an astronomical allegory; however "Hell" exists as a purgatory type of existence where souls await another chance in a new reincarnation...
... And with all of this, they teach that "there exists a "red threat" that runs throughout all religions and binds them together"!...
Get out of the Theosophical Society... It is a system of the Devil, with poison wrapped in caramel... gross errors dressed with nice thoughts...

Theosophy was revived in America:
Under the leadership of William Q. Judge, an Irish-American convert... and attracted the likes of George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Edison, William Butler Yeats, Doubleday (founder of Baseball)...
- Mrs. Katherine Tingley took charge of the American branch when Judge died. She founded "The Homestead", a lodge in Point Loma, San Diego, Calif., with initiates from 25 countries, who lived in community and turned over their money to Mrs. Tingley.
- Mrs. Annie Besant took control in 1907, and she founded in India a college of Theosophy which became the University of Benares. In America she played a trump card for Krishnamurti when she announced that he was the reincarnation of Christ, the messiah the world was waiting for, and traveled with him throughout Europe and the USA. She founded the "Order of the Star".
- Both, Katherine and Annie died, the Homestead went bankrupt and the faithful remnant moved to Pasadena, Calif.
Alice Bailey, a student of Theosophy, was the one to give the name to the "New Age". Shirhan Shirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy, was a student of Theosophy.
Recent interest in the occult and the New Age has swelled the ranks of this organization that looked like death a few years ago...
- Current President of the Theosophical Society of America is John Coates, who remaining true to the vision of Blavatsky, encourages modern Theosophists to dabble in contemporary occult phenomena such as Kirlian photography and psychokinesis. The Society is fragmented with headquarters in America in Wheaton, Ill, and 4 places in California: Los Angeles, Fresno, Pasadena, and Covina.

New Age...

New Age

"EST": "Erhard Seminars Training"... the Forum

"est", "the Forum", , was founded in 1971 by a Philadelphian, Jack Rosenberg, who chanced his name into a German one: Werner Erhard.
- It is "Zen Buddhism"... The 3 days "Seminars" were making up to $16 million a year. Each Seminar attended by 250 people paying $250... until 1985 when Erhard announced the burial of "est" and the birth of "The forum".
The "Seminar", is a group therapy session, and, as in Zen, the idea is to break down your personality by harassment and intimidation, and to destroy your "human mind" until you are left with your "animal mind"... until you "get it"!...
... A trainer begins immediately to abuse the audience verbally with repeated obscenities... until some people had vomiting, urinated, and even convulsed. All ago defenses are ridiculed by means of demeaning epithets hurled at anyone who resists the tactics of the trainer. The only relieve is when the "meditation practices" come lying down in the floor... all of this for 60 hours until you "get it"...
... And what "you get", when you are all fed up, and your mind gives up, is "to know that you are God"... even if you don't know how to make stars or insects!... but "you are God"!... you are your own God, the center of the universe...
It is the same aim of the "New Age", the same old lie of Satan of Ge.3:4, "you will be like God"... and, like God, the trainee believes himself to be omnipotent, omniscient, immortal... like God!... his word is "the word"...
- Logical thinking is forbidden, and terminology is twisted. "Being" is more important than "doing". "Wrong" is actually a version of "right"... truths and errors are all mixed up in "est".
John Denver, an est advocate, extols Erhard's vies of life in his song "Looking for Space".
Elemental psychology can easily recognize est's potential for creating serious "psychosis"... and even "demonic possession" can occur in such a psychologically defenseless state.
- Like the New Age, it is a "spiritual AIDS", that takes away the defenses of the individual, by destroying the immune system of humility...

In life you can succeed two ways:
Being with God, or being with Satan. If you are with Satan, you have to have "pride", "arrogance"... and you will succeed, but you will never have peace... If you are with God, you have to be "humble"... and you will succeed in life even more... and you will have peace... and after death, you will go to eternal Heaven...
"The Forum", is the same staff than est, emphasizing "dialogue". Here, instead of "get it", is about "making it happen"... and "being" is the magic of Forum, but the same thing, "being God", even if you don't know how to make atoms!


In the two Swiss mass suicides of October 1996, 53 members of the cult died; among them, a mayor, a journalist, a civil servant, and a sales manager.
- The 69-year-old Joseph Di Mambro, from France, is the leader of the Solar Temple. He founded a school in the south border of Switzerland, near France, called the "Center For The Preparation For The New Age", and moved to Canada following tax problems in France, and for practicing psychology without a license.
- Computer records seized by Canadian police in Montreal showed that some members had personally donated over $1 million to the cult, and the respectability of these followers' public life was in massive contrast to the bizarre small cult they had joined.
- The Order of the Solar Temple is based on Hinduism "Reincarnation". Di Mambro claims to have had a previous life as a member of the Knight's Temple during the Crusades. During the ceremonies, the members ware Crusade-type robes, and hold in awe a sword Di Mambro said had been given to him 1,000 years ago... "death" represents for them an essential stage of life.


Today's 39 people suicide, 3-26-97, at Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, California, from the Heaven's Gate Cult, had UFOs doctrines... and, of course, they believe in "Reincarnation": Their body is nothing!... and for them "death" is the passing to a new experience, in a new body... See: Occult, UFOs.


"Aum Shinrikyo" is the cult responsible for the infamous subway gas attack in Tokyo, Japan, on March 1995.
- Founded in 1987 by Shoko Asahara, a professed admirer of Hitler, is now one the most demonised men in Japan. He predicted the effective end of the world in 1997.
- Aum is an action-pack affair, one of the 183,000 cults in Japan, with contacts in Russia and Korea. Its 10,000 members form a strict hierarchy of 13 levels with specially colored uniforms. It is based on Reincarnation and Shinto doctrines... and Hitler's methods!.
- The police discovered manuals outlining which type of recruits were most likely to give the most money for their warfare against the world; in the office of Asahara they found $10 million in cash.


Founded by Bhagwan Rajneesh (1931-90), which means "Sir God", but Rajneesh translates it as "master of the vagina".. he is the India's "sex guru", and HE is he is also famous for his fleet of Rools-Royces (11 to 96), and his private plane.

- Rajneesh:>br> Was a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jabalpur, India, and in 1974 left his position to open an ashram in Poona, south of Bombay, India, where 50,000 Americans made the pilgrimage. In 1981 opened another one in Oregon, USA, at the price of $6 million, with a form of meditation which involved nudity, sex, and making loud noises, with their pink robes...
- In 1981 Rajneesh fled Poone because of charges of income tax evasion, and he had to leave Oregon on charges of visa fraud and arranging sham marriages.
- Today: They used to be 600 Osho Centers of Communities, only 20 are left... Today, after his death in 1990, of probably Aids, he has influence through his "books", and the 20 Oshos left... hiss posthumous empire have been taken by financial opportunissts...
- Rajneeshism, is a "prostitution of Hinduism", and indeed a "prostitution of any religion"... because for Rajneesh "you are God", and you are the only one who decides the Commandments for your life: If you decide that it is good to kill, or to still, or to live in adultery... do it!... because it is the "Law of God", "your Law", the only God!.

Can you make stars and atoms?... God can!.


Chinmoy, has established a headquarters in the United Nations where he supervises the bimonthly U.N. meditation program. Born in West Bengal, India, he tries to blend the East and West.
- He claims to have completed 16,000 paintings in one day, and 843 poems in 24 hours.
- Two rock players, Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin, follow the guru in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.
-Chinmoy's way to God is by devotion and surrender to one's guru, with the Hindu doctrine of Hatha Yoga, vegetarianism, and meditation.


-Founded in 1970 by the guru Maharaj Ji, born in Hardwar, India: The only pathway to God is by submission to an "avatar", a "guru who is god"... this "Perfect Master" is Maharaj Ji, who sits in his throne with the crown of Krishna, and replaced Jesus... Ji is the Holy Spirit... but now he has "duodenal ulcer", living in the placid splendor of a large mansion in Malibu, California.

The way:
Is the "Four-fold Procedure": ...
1- Blinding light: Seeing God with the "third eye", when the guru presses the temples and eyes of the initiate. ...
2- Hearing celestial music: Hearing God with the "third ear", when the guru presses the ears. ...
3- Tasting the divine nectar of God: When the guru puts its finger into the initiate throat. ...
4- Sensing the vibrations of God: When the initiate is left almost unconscious after severe hyperventilation... rhythmic breathing for hours!. ...
And all this, after the initiate had listened to long sermons for extended hours, and being manipulated by auto-suggestive hypnosis.
"Festivals, or lilas", are organized where audiences are doused with water and red paint, like the one in the Astrodome in 1973. In the USA: -In the seventies was one the largest imported cults in the USA, with 480 DLM centers, and 35,000 members. The "Divine Times" magazine was distributed in 66 countries. Today, there are 3,000 members in the USA, with 80 centers.
- Address: DLM, Box 532, Denver, CO 80201.


Formed in New York, in 1895 by Swami Vivekenanda, after addressing the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 1893. It was the first Hindu organization to be established in the USA; many cults today are but the fruition of this landmark event.

Today, there are 150 Vedanta centers in the world; 124 in India, 13 in the USA with 1,500 members, who influenced Aldoux Huxley, Gertrude Stein, and Gerald Heard. The Address: VS, 1946 Vedanta Place, Hollywood, CA 90068.

The Doctrine:
Is taken from Sri Ramakrishna, the teacher of Vivekenanda, one of the most famous gurus in India in the 19th century, and teaches that "all religions lead to the same goal, namely, the realization of God: It is like the "water", the Hindus call it "jal", the Muslims call it "pani", but it is all the same... the basic philosophy is "unity among religions", with the believe that every nation has its own unique contribution to bring to the world, and when such is offered up, that nation goes into decline.

- However, "Hinduism" is the basic foundation of the Vedanta Society: To escape from reincarnation, with the Vedas as the authority. Jesus is one of many, but not the only God; the main problem is ignorance, and not sin...

... And when it proclaims that "Asia produces giants in spirituality, just as the Occident produces giants in politics and science", it is forgetting the names of Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, St. Therese...


It was not founded by Krishnamurti, but by the Theosophy leader Annie Besant when she proclaimed on 1907 that Krishnamurti was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and the Messiah the world was waiting for... the "Order of the Star of the East" was created, with a periodical, "Herald of the Star"... with 100,000 members.

- Krishnamurti rejected all these claims, and the essence of his massage is that "all problems could be solved when human beings achieve a "right relationship" with each other.... just look within for the incorruptibility of self". He disdains devotees, but still conducts world tours, sponsored mainly by the Theosophists and New Age groups.


"Eckankar", means "co-worker with God" founded by John Paul Twitchell in 1965, with 50,000 followers, or 3 million. Twitchell suddenly died in 1971 of heart attack, and the leader now is Sri Darwin Gross. Address: Box 3100, Menlo Park, CA 94024. Based on Hindu teachings of karma and reincarnation, plus the experiences of Twitchell with the occult, and as a staff member in the Church of Scientology.

The promotional pamphlets you may pick up in a local grocery store offer the intriguing "ancient science of soul-travel", the "everlasting gospel", and the "one true source of all religions"... False!.


Franklin Jones, born in Boston, 1939, changed his name to Bubba Free John, and claims to be nothing less that an incarnation of God, a guru to be worship... the first American-born SIDDHA, with headquarters in New York City.

He experienced with LSD, studied at Columbia and Stanford, and at a Lutheran Seminary.

He went to India, had apparitions of the Virgen Mary, and founded the "Free Primitive Church of Divine Communion", the "Free Community Order", and the "Laughing Man Institute". - The Doctrine, is Hinduism, specially the Advaita Vedanta, with salvation coming through total devotion to the guru, namely, Bubba John!.

... But he also performs miracles, causing violent thunderstorms, and amazing supernatural phenomena, similar to those in demonism, and classical spiritualism.


Another American!... the Jewish Bostonian Psychiatry Professor at Harvard, Dr. Richard Alpert, tries in 1961 LSD with his friend, Professor Timothy Leary. He went to India, and became a guru, with the name Baba Ram Dass.

In 1974 he founded "Hanuman", after the monkey-god of the Ramayana. He wrote "Be Here Now"; emphasizes "to live each moment meaningfully" ... but a guru is needed!... Baba!... because each person needs a special treatment: May be yoga, or sex, or LSD, or mantras... don't get into it!.


"Sa" means "Divine"; "ai" "mother"; and "baba" "father"... the "Divine Mother-Father", born in India 1926 is the guru with more apparent miracles reported: Producing objects out or the air, like ash, pendants, rings from your ear, all kinds of healing and rising the death... in the festivals he will vomit a 3-inch solid lingam!... - He died without successor... were the powers divine, satanic, psychic or merely trickery?... 7911 Willoughby Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046 .



- "Biofeedback" owes its development to the expertise of Swami Rami, the founder of the Himalayan Institute: 5,000 students a month flock the Institute on Glenview, Illinois, to learn Raja Yoga, to "exhale all problems", and "inhale energy" to become a wave of bliss in the ocean of the universe.

- Swami, can stop the heart-beat for 17 seconds, move an aluminum knitting needle while sitting 5 feet away... and this was used by Dr. Green of the prestigious Topeka, Kansas-based Menninger Foundation to develop the principles of biofeedback.

- As a monk and as an American Guru, Swami has dedicated his life to create a bridge between East and West. He feels his mission is to combine Indian religious philosophy and psychological therapeutic techniques.


- Paramahansa Yogananda died in 1952, with 500,000 worldwide adherents.

- In 1920 he addressed the International Congress of Religious Liberals in the USA, and in 1945 he founded the Self-realization Fellowship, with current headquarters in Los Angeles, Calif.

- As a Hindu he taught the "cosmic consciousness", that could be attained after a million years of reincarnations... but with his method, "Kriya Yoga", he claims it can be obtained in 3 years... this Yoga is a mastery of breath control.



Swami Muktananda Paramahansa, founded Yoga Ashram in 1961. Came to America in 1970, and there 300 meditation centers with 100,000 US followers. In America known as "Siddha Yoga Dhan" with headquarters in Oakland, California.

The system of enlightenment is called "shaktipat", and it is obtained with "the thrust of his fingers into a disciple's eyes", an old Hindu ploy of creating neurological pressure on the retina... don't' get into it!.


The leader is a lady GURU MARAJI, who has cryptically referred to herself as the Holy Spirit, Christ, Adi Shakti (the wife of Krishna), and the Virgin Mary.

- This Yoga involves the bodily awakening of "kundalini", which moves thorough the body's 7 chakras. Shoe-beating, lemons and chilies are used to combat energy-sucking demons.

- The Guru has her Palace in Poona, near Bombay, India. A mansion near Cambridge, England, and an Italian castle.

- Come to the real Holy Spirit!... to the real Virgin Mary... no tricks... only real love!.


"3HO" stands for "Healthy, Happy, Holy", and 5,000 followers (he claims 250,000), have joined his 150 Sikh Dharma U.S. ashrams.

-Yogi Bhajan, the founder, is being accused of womanizer, who demands group massages from female attendants with whom he takes turns sleeping... he claims to be the "only living master of tantrism"... of sex mysticism!.

- He also claims to be an authority in America of "Sikhism", the monotheistic system to unite Hinduism and Islam... but he never dresses as a Sikh.

- He has a 40-acre ranch near Espanola, in New Mexico... where he indulges in nude massages and rapid breathing techniques.


- "Maitreya", the Lord Master expected by the Buddhists, is, in fact, a fiction created by the New Ager Benjamin Creme... he says it is not a religion, but he advises people to meet weekly in "Maitreya Groups" to create good Energy...

- Benjamin Creme, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1922, is a co-editor of the New Age magazine "Share International", and considers himself to be like another John the Baptist, the precursor of "Maitreya", "to make the initial approach to the public, to help create a climate of hope and expectancy".

- "Maitreya", the "Master", in Creme's fiction, is supposed to be the "Christ" expected by the Christians, the "Messiah" expected by the Jews, the reincarnation of Krishna expected by the Hindus, the "Iman Mahdi" expected by the Muslims, the "Lord Maitreya" expected by the Buddhists.

- Creme attracted much attention in the early 1980s announcing the coming of the Lord Maitreya by 1982; whe Maitreya failed to appear, Creme's popularity quikly died.

- However, Creme says that Maitreya is already alive, emerged from the Himalayas in 1977, and is living in London, in the Pakistani-Indian community as an ordinary man... but on the "Day of Declaration" the international television networks will be linked together, and Maitreya will be invited to speak to the world; we will see his face on television, but each of us will hear his words telepathically.

- Creme says that Maitreya is already making unexpected apparitions in different countries, like in Kenya in 1991, in Uganda with the healing of 400 patients with AIDS, and the healing waters in Tlacote (Mexico), Nordenau (Germany), Nadana (India) ... but all of them unsubstantiated... he appears and disappears, without anybody's notice, claims the fiction story of Creme!.

- Creme claims Maitreya predicted the fall of Communism and dozens of world social and political events, but all unsubstantiated, predicted after they had happened!.

- A major event predicted by Maitreya, through Creme, in 1988, was "an international stock market crash"... but now, in 1997, still did not happened!

- Creme calls him "the Master of all Masters", including the Master of Jesus Christ... "the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters", "the World Teacher", "the Lord Maitreya"... though Maitreya calls himself the "Teacher".

... For Creme, "Maitreya" means "the Lord of Joy and Gladness", dedicated to the reunification of all religions and humanity, and for the economic, social, and political welfare of the whole world.

- For me, Maitreya is another Hindu-Buddhist cult, a false Messiah... Maitreya is not God, as Creme claims... the face of Maitreya exists, a good looking Hindu or Buddhist man, as given by the fiction story of Creme.