Lutheranism Exposed!

By David J. Stewart | May 2005

Lutheranism is straight out of the pits of hell! I will not defend ANY religion that ADDS works to faith alone in Jesus Christ! When I was growing up in a Baptist church, I had always been taught that Martin Luther was a former Roman Catholic priest who realized one day that salvation is through faith and not works. I held that view into my adulthood. I always thought Martin Luther was a good guy because that it what I had been taught.

Then one day I was greatly saddened when I learned about the Catechisms of Martin Luther and his heresies concerning salvation. Without a doubt, Martin Luther was no Christian! It will be obvious to you after reading my article that Martin Luther may have come out of Catholicism, but Catholicism did NOT come out of Martin Luther. The Lutheran religion is nothing more than a spin-off of Catholicism.

I am going to give you a lot of information here, irrefutable facts about the cult of Lutheranism. I am NOT trying to be judgmental, I am simply EXPOSING damnable heresies that are going to condemn hundreds-of-millions of people to hell if they don't come out of the Lutheran religion (it's not a church).

Mary Worship

Though not to the idolatrous extent that the Catholics idolize Mary, the Lutherans follow in the same adulterous steps of the Great Whore, Roman Catholicism. The photo at the right is one depiction of the Lutheran Mary. Though the Halo around Mary's head is missing, it is still disconcerting (and unbiblical) for anyone to recognize her at all. Mary is no more to be praised than any other godly mother. In a poem titled “Swept Up In Joy” by David Miller, a Lutheran Minister, he says the following:

I tried to pray through my distress as the choir sang of Mary: "Hail favored one, the Lord is with thee." But my thoughts connected only with my anxiety.

"Hail favored one?" Excuse me, but where in the Bible are we ever commanded to recognize Mary at all? Jesus never even hinted for anyone to praise Mary. This is a MANMADE TRADITION, and it came out of the Great Whore of Catholicism. Just as Catholics deny that they worship Mary (which they obviously do), so do the Lutherans deny that they worship Mary to a lesser degree.

Barbara Owen, a member of Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, Annapolis, Md., is the editor of Daily Readings from Luther's Writings, Augsburg Fortress. The following quotes are from her article “Luther On Mary”:

The Scriptures always point to Christ as the one who saves. Luther characteristically said: "Oh, how many kisses we bestowed on Mary! But she did not redeem and save me."

But Luther also honored Mary and her "unique place in all of [humankind]." He insisted "the festivals of the Purification and Annunciation of Mary may be continued, and for the time being her Assumption and Nativity." He could even imagine her as a heavenly intercessor.

The first couple of sentences are ok (and this is all that MOST people see when they look at Lutheranism), but take a look at the sentences which follow. This is shocking! Martin Luther said that he could even imagine Mary as a “heavenly intercessor.” Folks, that's devilish doctrine! In one breath Martin Luther admits that Mary CANNOT redeem anyone, and in the next breath he speaks blasphemy against God.

“For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” —1st Timothy 2:5

Mary is NOT an intercessor and you had better get that straight because Martin Luther was a doctrinal mess. Here is a whole bunch of demon doctrine from Martin Luther (the source is from the same article above, “Luther On Mary”):

Luther noted Mary's humility: "So the wondrous pure spirit of Mary is worthy of even greater praise, because having such overwhelming honors heaped upon her head, she does not let them tempt her [to pride]. ... [In] truth she thrusts [pride and honor] from her and would have us honor God in her and come through her to a good confidence in His grace."

Mary is a model for us and a comfort. Luther wrote: "O Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, what great comfort God has shown us in you, by so graciously regarding your unworthiness and low estate. This encourages us to believe that henceforth He will not despise us poor and lowly ones, but graciously regard us also, according to your example."

Mary isn't "a goddess who could grant gifts or render aid, as some suppose when they pray and flee to her rather than to God," Luther wrote. "She does nothing, God does all. We ought to call upon her, that for her sake God may grant and do what we request." Luther biographer, Martin Brecht, describes Luther's thoughts: Mary is "the model for believers, and, above all, the example of God's action. It is God's grace that we are to admire in Mary, nothing else."

Through faith, Luther wrote, a person "may boast of such treasure as that Mary is his real mother, Christ his brother, and God his father.... By this token you sit assuredly in the Virgin Mary's lap and are her dear child."

The Catholics teach that Mary is a "co-redeemer" with Christ. Of course, that is a lie of the devil. Jesus is the ONLY Redeemer. Though the Lutherans deny this heresy, they are woefully guilty of creating their own heresy by praying to Mary. Did you read what Luther said above? -"We ought to call upon her, that for her sake God may grant and do what we request." Heresy! Show me that in the Word of God! I triple-dog dare you to show me one verse in the Bible that says we should pray, admire, praise, or seek to contact Jesus' mother in ANY way. You CANNOT! Show me where the Bible teaches that we should expect God to answer our prayers for Mary's sake.

The Lutheran church in NO church, but a bastard child of the Mother of harlots (Roman Catholicism). Luther prayed..."O Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, what great comfort God has shown us in you..." Like I said, Catholicism never came out of Martin Luther. Even more sickening is Luther's comment above..."a person "may boast of such treasure as that Mary is his real mother, Christ his brother, and God his father." Whoa!

Martin Luther is guilty of the same thing that Roman Catholics are guilty of... ELEVATING MARY! Martin Luther speaks out of both sides of his mouth—He tells us that Mary does nothing, yet we should praise her greatly. But what does the Bible say...

"I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images." -Isaiah 42:8

If Martin Luther were alive today, he would be another ecumenical heretic like Billy Graham. Read the at shocking heresy found

In 1996, Pope John Paul II concluded that the title 'Mother of God' "proclaims the nobility of woman and her very high vocation. God, in effect, treats Mary as a free and responsible person and does not fulfill the Incarnation of his Son until after he has obtained her consent." Lutherans fully agree with this understanding of Mary.

Are you getting this? Lutherans believe that God could not come to the earth incarnate without Mary's PERMISSION. If you'll read the Bible, you'll quickly learn that Mary was ALREADY pregnant before she or Joseph knew what was going on. God did NOT need or ask for Mary's permission.

Lutherans are basically unofficial Catholics. They read out of the Apocrypha like the Catholics. They recognize Catholic saints, holidays and festivals. They baptize infants like the Catholics.