Black Muslims are Racists!

By David J. Stewart

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." -John 3:16

Photo to Right: Hatemonger, Louis Farrakhan, a leader in the Black Muslim false religion.

There's not a more hateful and rotten false religion than Black Muslims. In Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, July 17,1970 the following malicious and hateful quotes are made...

Our Black people were brought up by the enemy, white man, who did not want us to ever know anything about Islam, because once the black slave learned Islam, He would never be a slave anymore.

The White Man - The evil race of people, knows Islam, but by nature they were not made to believe and to teach Islam.

Black women should be made to stay away from the devil. And when enough Black Men believe in Islam, they will keep our Black Women out of the presence of the white man.

The Black Man in Africa is pitiful, as the Black Slave in America was, once upon a time. Now the enemy will make the Black Slave in America look dignified like himself, in order to fool the Black African and other natives of the world of Black Man. They do this to make these other Black men fall for the white man's tricknollegy. In America, on the streets and in traffic, you cannot tell the master from the slave. The white master sells the black slave his fine automobiles, if he is able to pay for them. They both look alike with fine clothes. This is to trick other black people, to follow the white man.

Black Brother, Black Sister, you are by nature one of the righteous but you have been robbed of your righteousness and made to live unrighteousness until now you will be whipped into submission, by divine will and power. You will be made to accept yourself. There is no limit to the nation of the Black Man. The Black Man will endure forever. [Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, July 17,1970]

There is NO justification for the preceding statements, which are fabricated lies, and pure racism.

Black Muslim Leaders Exploit Their Own People!

Black Muslim leaders use such lying propaganda to demonize Caucasians, and stir anger in African Americans to exploit them. It is Black Muslims leaders who are maliciously exploiting their own people... the blacks! Where do all the tens-of-millions of dollars come from to support the nonsensical teachings of Black Muslim leaders?... from African Americans! It appears that the blacks have become their own worst enemy in supporting the Black Muslim movement. What they do is make blacks angry by continually reminding them of what their ancestors endured and suffered. After making their appeal, and winning the hearts of the audience, Black Muslim instigators then introduce their followers to the damnable heresies of Black Islam. Of course their agenda is money, and lots of it.

Black Muslim teachings are so outrageous that orthodox Islamic reject their teachings. A little mentioned fact by Black Muslims is that Malcolm X eventually converted over to orthodox Islam in 1964, forsaking the Black Muslim nightmare. It is believed by many that this is what prompted his assassination one year later in 1965. Although Islam is a false religion, the Black Muslim religion is as crazy as you can get. They actually teach that white people were created in a laboratory by black scientists billions of years ago, and that their founder, Wallace Fard, came as a black man in the disguise of a white man's body to fool everybody. How bizarre can you get? Their leaders spew out continual hatred against whites; yet, why are the police silent about this Anti-American hate group? The KKK is a Satanic group, which is highly publicized in the news every time they make an appearance anywhere; BUT, when Louis Farrakhan and his hateful heretics do the exact same thing, they are virtually ignored by the news media. Hmmm.

If I were a black person anywhere in this world, I wouldn't give a dime to the Black Muslims false religion!!! Look folks, giving money to a cult won't undo the evils of the days of slavery. Did you ever stop to think that the Jews (whites), were enslaved by the Egyptians (blacks) in Exodus? So you see whites have been slaves in history too. Get over it! African Americans have more rights today than they've ever had, and with reverse discrimination they often have even more. Some white people have been denied employment because the company was afraid of a discrimination lawsuit if they didn't hire the black. So discrimination goes both ways folks! It's not just the blacks being afflicted by Uncle Sam nowadays, every middle-class working American and down are feeling the pinch. It shouldn't be about black and white, but about being Americans. Bill Cosby is right when he calls upon blacks to stop playing the blame game and start applying themselves to accomplish something. America is still the land of opportunity.

History of Black Muslim Cult

The Nation of Islam, a black nationalist and religious organization was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1930 by Wallace Fard. Fard argued that African Americans could obtain success through discipline, racial pride, knowledge of God, and physical separation from white society. Fard disappeared in June 1934 and was replaced as leader by Elijah Muhammad. Under the leadership of Muhammad, Black Muslims purchased large areas of land in the deep south, invested in business ventures and had its own paramilitary force. Members were also instructed to completely abstain from all drugs.

During World War II Muhammad advised his followers to avoid the draft. This led to him being charged with violating the Selective Service Act and was jailed between 1942 and 1946. After his release from prison, Elijah Muhammad gradually built up the membership of the Black Muslims. He described African Americans as the chosen people and urged the adoption of a religion based on the worship of Allah. Muhammad also called for the establishment of a separate nation for African Americans.

In the late 1950s Malcolm X emerged as the most important figure after Muhammad in the Nation of Islam. He went on several speaking tours and helped establish several new mosques. He was eventually assigned to be minister of the mosque in New York's Harlem area. Founder and editor of Muhammad Speaks, Malcolm became more extreme in his views. In 1963 Malcolm X was suspended from the movement by Muhammad after he made a series of extremist speeches. This included his comments that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a "case of chickens coming home to roost." In March 1964 Malcolm left the Black Muslims and established his own religious organization, the Organization of Afro-American Unity. After a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1964, Malcolm rejected his former separatist beliefs and advocated world brotherhood. Malcolm X was shot dead at a party meeting in Harlem on 21st February, 1965. Three Black Muslims were later convicted of the murder.

When Elijah Muhammad died in Chicago on 25th February, 1975, the Nation of Islam split. Muhammad's son became leader of the Muslim American Community whereas the Black Muslims were led by Louis Farrakhan. To no surprise, 33rd degree occult Freemason, Jesse Jackson, is an ally of Farrakhan. Oh, and by the way, Wallace Fard and Louis Farrakhan are Satanic Freemasons as well. Do you see the Occult Connection?

Louis Farrakhan and Race

Farrakhan made several contentious statements about race, including: "White people are potential humans they haven't evolved yet" in March 2000, [24] "Murder and lying comes easy for white people" in 1994. [25] He has also alluded to a figure called "Yacub" (or "Jacob") with reference to whites. According to Farrakhan's mentor, Elijah Muhammad, blacks were "born righteous and turned to unrighteousness," while the white race was "made unrighteous by the god who made them (Mr. Yacub)." [26]

In an interview on NBC's Meet the Press, Farrakhan defended the position that black people are the original people of the earth FCN/NBC, 1997

Black Muslims propagate hatred and attempt to shift all societies' problems upon the whites. I ask the question... are not African Americans today U.S. citizens, who enjoy the Bill of Rights, and the same freedom as all Americans? I see black preachers like Creflo Dollar and T.D. Jakes exploiting the blacks to get filthy rich. They are manipulating their own people, and shaming the name of Christ. Look at Oprah Winfrey, who inspires over 15,000,000 viewers every day to follow the New Age occult. If you want to point the blame Mr. Black Muslim, then you'd better look in your own closet first! The Black Muslim religion is of the Devil. Please don't misunderstand me, I love black people, but the Black Muslim religion is a system of hate and resentment towards whites and Jews. Furthermore, Black Muslims, as orthodox Muslims, DENY that Jesus is the Christ. 1st John 2:22 calls them LIARS and ANTICHRISTS.